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Empower the People with Smart Meter Data

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(Challenge #7)

Novel energy certificate assesses where and how strongly building / user behaviour causes deviation from theoretical/optimum behaviour.

💭 What problem are you solving?

Empowering people to understand what they can do to take action against climate change.

💡 How are you solving that problem?

Monitoring of people’s energy consumption, with the implementation of a rating system to understand how good they and the building they are living in are. Personalized information about what they can do to improve themselves is then presented. For example: for additional x Fr./month, get 100% electricity from renewable sources and move to category A.

🗽 What have you achieved during the Hackdays?

A new business concept for smart meter data.

📮 Include links to source code or prototypes.

📎 Indicate any relevant terms or licenses on your work.

Live or frequently updated and historic smart meter data.

🎢 What issues have you encountered, for example in regards to the data you wanted to use?

Choosing the most impactful customer, addressing the exact issue which is tackled by our solution. Data will most probably not come from one unique source, but from a variety of sources. The users should authorize data hosters to use their data.

💹 Which data have you used? Format…? Permissions?

Finding business partners, implementing the new certificate, and build a solid user base.- Federal office of energy/statistics (public data),

  • VSE Homepage (public data)
  • Customer segmentation data from City Energy Provider of St. Gallen (confidential)
  • Smart meters data (from public utilities)
  • Building characteristics (from Building and Dwelling register)
  • Weather data

🗻 What are the next steps?

Finding business partners, implementing the new certificate, and build a solid user base.

💁 Who are you and your team mates, and how can you best be contacted?

Clara Esteve, Jeremias Rehn, Philipp Schütz, Wim Ton, Holger Wache

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