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Integrations for North App

Reduce your climate Impact CH

Goal: (Challenge #12)

Reduce your climate Impact CH It is time to address the issue of "the power of data" in relation to climate here in Switzerland. The goal is a visualization / an app that visualizes and makes the carbon footprint of the consumer perceptible - e.g. melting polar caps or number of trees to be planted or running kilometers. Ideally via electricity, gas and heat consumption. Not only that, if one would connect this with comparison options - e.g. heat pumps, etc. one could sensitize immediately the final consumers to better devices to change over - the whole if necessary with climatic bonus points underlaid.


We are providing you with links to this open source app, and we have discussed with the developers what possible integrations would be useful for Switzerland. Just as an example: SBB data, PostAuto, lake cruises data, delivery services (Digitec, DHL, ..), BLS or VBZ transport providers all have open data available. Can you try to implement so of these?

  • available Smart Meter data of utilities
  • Data structures from electricity map with assumptions on the Swiss production mix at certain times based on ENTSo-E (transparency platform) electricity mix at certain times and data from published electricity statistics for Switzerland (previous year).
  • Use of certain assumptions/data from our "renewable heating" programme, which includes an online calculation tool for comparison technologies (gas, WP, oil), etc.
  • https://north-app.com/
  • https://github.com/tmrowco/northapp-contrib

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Contributed 4 years ago by oleg for Energy Data Hackdays 2020
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