05: Building Energy Insights - Empowering Building Owners

Create a user-friendly tool to offer building owners personalised insights for early and informed energy planning decisions

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Create a user-friendly tool to offer building owners personalised insights for early and informed energy planning decisions.

Open Data sources with APIs have been identified, as well as possible User Outputs and Web Design (Prototypes).

  • Define the Information that should be displayed to the users according to the available raw data
  • Define the logic necessary to go from the raw Open Data to the result information that will be displayed to the users
  • Prepare the data according to the defined logic to be used as a source table for the tool landing page
  • Web Design: analyse the already available prototypes and define how the user interface should look like for a user-friendly use of the platform
  • Customer Journey Design: this landing page provides information to the users about their building. It is the first step of the process. Define the Customer Journey the users should be guided through in order to go from the first expression of interest to making them actual clients
  • Web Development: Develop the Webapp. Available Tool: ArcGIS Enterprise Experience Builder (no-Code Tool). Available start code in Python, HTML, CSS. Any other Tool or Language however also possible.

Context The city of St.Gallen and the OST Fachhochschule have been working together in an Innosuisse project, that found out that a lot of building owners are overwhelmed with energy issues. There are usually not well informed and only act when they have to, for example when the heating system is breaking down. Without planning ahead, the replacing technology will often be a fossil heating system (unless a local legal prohibition has already come into force). To avoid this, we want to provide building owners with personalized information about their building.

Challenge Miro Board with Data, APIs and Design Prototypes: miro.com

Repo: https://gitlab.com/ssgw/

Live Plattform: https://energyhackday.mobiparking.ch/

Challenge Owner: SGSW Clara Esteve, Ramon Schmid, Eren Baglar

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