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19_ReFi - Regenerative Finance for smart energy communities

Tokenisation of Energy and Fractional Ownership of Digital Assets provide new possibilities for financing PV-projects.

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New information and communication technologies (ICT) are creating whole new industries and opportunities. This will have structural implications also for energy utilities, DSOs, energy communities (EC) and prosumers. The decentralized finance industry is using new technologies and token economics (TE) that create novel financial applications and business models that can have a significant impact on how the energy transition can be financed. The concept of fractional ownership has been identified as a new possibility to create innovative business models [1]. Utilising tokenisation and DeFi concepts, we could be able to develop flexible, scalable and replicable financing instruments.

The Challenge

Implement the concept of fractional ownership, tokenisation of energy and utilisation of open-source blockchain and DeFi protocols. Build a MVP for fractionalising digital asset (ownership), lending, borrowing and auctioning of those ownership fractions that allows PV systems owners to (re)finance existing or new projects, and trading ownership rights of their projects.


You do not have to be a full stack developer. Basic knowledge of solidity, javascript or how to build DApp using the react framework next.js and IPFS would be very helpful. Also, if you are new in blockchain you are very welcome to join the project. During the hackathon I will provide information about the architecture, existing code solutions and tools.

Vasileios Panagiotidis|e-swissolar AG , Poststrasse 9, 6300 Zug


[1] General Business Model Patterns for Local Energy Management Concepts


  • Analysis of the off-chain fractional ownership (PV-panel) and crowdfunding process of Solarify
  • Analysis for a possible on-chain implementation
  • Implementation of the solution using ReFi's smart-contracts using Remix-IDE
  • Discussion about the solutions - value creation & open issues
  • Next steps

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Contributed 2 years ago by Vasileios for Energy Data Hackdays 2021
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