05_Smart Meter Open Dataset

Build a platform where people can freely donate their energy data to society

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What is it about?

Although we all are producing more and more data, access to this wealth of information is becoming increasingly difficult for data protection reasons.

As a consequence, researchers and developers don't have freely accessible, comprehensible, high-quality datasets on individual European households to build their theories, algorithms and applications from.

We want to build a platform where people can freely donate their energy data to society so that science and research can support our energy transition with fair, democratic innovation.

More information will follow soon.



Event finished

25.09.2021 15:00

Joined the team

25.09.2021 12:20 ~ ?

https://ac21.shinyapps.io/smart-me-db/ works only with Smart-Me accounts

25.09.2021 10:48 ~ benjamin_sawicki

we have an app prototype

25.09.2021 10:48 ~ benjamin_sawicki

Edited content

25.09.2021 10:48 ~ benjamin_sawicki
25.09.2021 10:47 ~ benjamin_sawicki

Prototype to get API working for smart-me.com portal

25.09.2021 10:39 ~ benjamin_sawicki

Pitch presentation. Still *

25.09.2021 09:28 ~ Martin

Edited content

25.09.2021 09:28 ~ Martin

Concept stage and mockup finished. Gathered ideas to elevate potential user contribution. Pitch presentation in progress

25.09.2021 09:22 ~ Martin

Joined the team

25.09.2021 09:21 ~ Martin

Event started

24.09.2021 08:30
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