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12_Climate-Neutral Cities - St.Gallen Example

Empower actors to contribute to the climate neutral goals until 2050 in cities.

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The Challenge

The participants will develop a solution to push people, companies and public authorities to contribute to the climate-neutral target of the city of St.Gallen.

  • The team will first identify which are the main levers to reach this target (sectors, stakeholders) thanks to a provided Dataset.
  • Then, the team will look for an adapted way to inform the relevant stakeholders of the leverage they have and help them identify wish actions they should first take to contribute to the climate-neutral target of the city.
  • Participants can bring:

    knowledge or interest in one or several of these areas: Open Data sources, Footprint Tools, Data Analysis, UX/UI Design, Nudging, Customer Centricity, Gamification ; domain knowledge or interest in one or several of these topics: Energy, Transport, Food.


    The origins of the energy strategy of the city St.Gallen date back to 1992. Driven by the urge to make St.Gallen a green and energy efficient municipality, the strategy is based on a clear vision combined with a wide range of measures on various policy and implementation levels. The acquisition and consolidation of data has been the backbone of St.Gallens ap-proach for many years.

    In 2020 the city council has decided to further enhance the energy strategy to reach climate neutrality in 2050. Whereas activities until now primarily focused on energy-related measures, the energy strategy is currently extended to include the wide field of consumption. New approaches to foster participation, promote the need to act, define effective measures and monitor achievements are in need. Data will play a significant role.

    Data Sources

    Several datasets are available from the city, from research projects or from open data sources:

  • Material Flow Switzerland (MatCH) Database - EMPA
  • Geb√§udedaten St.Gallen - Energy production and consumption
  • District heating areas of the city of St.Gallen
  • The Data are available on the Open Data Platform of the city of St.Gallen with login restrictions. A personal access with login will be given to the participants.

    Previous work - Energy Data Hackdays 2020

    Clickable prototype

    Miro Board

    Live Platform





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