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Regional Energy Information in High Resolution

Collecting, analyzing and visualizing energy policy data from Swiss communities


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National energy policy goals are known and monitored, but how is the progress of the Swiss energy transition on regional level?

Working on our challenges will contributing to the current, highly relevant discussion on security of energy supply in Switzerland. You will support us to develop cutting-edge energy policy design.

Challenge slides

Step 1: Web scraping energy policy goals

Find and gather information about energy policy goals and activities of municipalities. Identify ambitious and less ambitious municipalities Optional: Cluster municipalities that follow same/close goals and benchmark

Step 2: regionalize renewable energy production

How much production in Swiss municipalities? Data wrangling and fusion

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Project Team

Who has which skills and is in which team - policy (P), data (D), scraping (S)

Project Team

Challenge Team

Team 1 - Policy and Data

Which energy policy keywords and categories are relevant?

Step 1 - Brainstorming Keywords

Relevant Keywords

Step 2 - Structuring Keywords

Clustering brainstorming results mind map and converting to a structured table

Structured Keywords Table

Team 2 - Web Scraping

Finding energy policy information on Swiss municipality websites.

 Step 1 - Manual Samples

Manually retrieving text data from few sample municipalities

Community Text

Step 2 - Building a Scraper

As some research revealed, there is no service or implementation which could be used out of the box, so it was decided to go for a simple prototype implementation:

Semi automatic information gathering:

  • Loop over 64 municipalities as test set
  • For every municipality initiate a google search with municipality name and keywords «Energie Umwelt»
  • Take top 3 google results
  • Pick sentences where keywords from team 1 appear
  • Run sentiment analysis over retrieved sentences

Screen Scraper

Scraper result set

Scraper Result Set

Scraper result set - sentences and sentiment analysis detail

Scraper Results Sentences

Reconciliation and Validation

Bringing the pieces together, checking if it makes sense...

Results Visualization

Visualize results on map (interactive map)

Result Visualisation on Map

Showing municipalities by keywords on map (interactive)

Keywords on Map

Sample Municipality Aadorf

Validating Sentences

Sentences analysis

Aadorf sentences analysis

Map Visualization

Analyzing details (interactive map)

  • Thermal network - green
  • High solar capacity (kW/cap) - red
  • Energy city - blue

Details Aadorf

Final Pitch

By Jan-Philipp Sasse (with assistance of Thilo Weber)

Final Pitch

Challenge Data and Code

See links below for Github repository (click on «Source» icon).

Energy Hackdays 2022 - Regional Energy Information

Code and project files of challenge 15 about Regional Energy Information.

Information about the challenge and documentation:

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Event finished


17.09.2022 11:38 ~ ?

Documentation mostly completed - hack portal, pitch deck

17.09.2022 10:43 ~ ?


17.09.2022 09:32 ~ ?

Working plan for day 2 coordinated - approach for findings and documentation

17.09.2022 07:21 ~ ?


17.09.2022 06:59 ~ lukas_oberholzer

Collaboration space set up, first cut project documentation completed

16.09.2022 18:25 ~ ?


16.09.2022 18:18 ~ ?

Two teams - web scraping (to collect data), analysis (verify first examples manually)

16.09.2022 17:03 ~ ?


16.09.2022 17:00 ~ ?

Joined the team

16.09.2022 16:56 ~ lucastochtermann

2 teams - web scraping, data analysis - first PoCs being developed

16.09.2022 16:53 ~ ?

Joined the team

16.09.2022 10:41 ~ ?


Event started

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