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09: Identifying static yaw misalignment of wind turbines

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When a wind turbine and the incoming wind are not perfectly aligned one speaks of yaw misalignment. This causes a reduction in power production and unwanted mechanical stresses on various turbine components.

In this case the turbine controller kicks in, checks the yaw misalignment, also called yaw error, and aligns the turbine with the wind in order to bring the yaw error back to zero.

However, a turbine might still be misalignment with the wind, even though the monitored yaw error is zero. Potential reasons for this include malfunctioning sensors, issues with software, improper installation and others. Having such a constant misalignment is called static yaw misalignment.

The goal of this challenge is to identify static yaw misalignment and mitigate its effects on the turbine. For the challenge two open source datasets of two wind farms will be available

Challenge Owner: OST Florian Hammer

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