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Mapping of Swiss PV power production in real time


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Based on real-time data from aliunid, develop a simple algorithm/logic to estimate the current solar radiation (Wh/m2) from PV production data (kW).

Based on the obtained radiation data and the public PV data (installed power according to and roof area information from ) simulate the PV production in real time.


The aim is to map the total photovoltaic (PV) power produced in Switzerland in real-time without measuring each PV power plant individually. To achieve this, we want to simulate the PV power of all registered PV plants with PV plants for which aliunid has real-time data available.


It is safe to assume that two neighboring PV systems follow a very similar production curve. By measuring only one of them we could simulate the PV production of both. By extending this approach to the whole of Switzerland, the challenge is to simulate the PV output of all registered PV plants with data where aliunid already measures the real-time power output. The challenge consists of the following parts: 1. Generate location-specific irradiance data based on measured PV output all over Switzerland. 2. Apply the generated irradiance dataset to PV systems that are currently not measured based on basic information and open data (e.g., installed capacity, slope, orientation). 3. Present the results (e.g., the total amount of PV power currently produced in Switzerland) on a map, dashboard, or similar.

Big picture

Decentral Photovoltaic (PV) systems can be found all over Switzerland and their impact on the Swiss energy system is becoming increasingly relevant. Real-time information about each PV system helps to maximize its use and mitigate potential negative impacts. We will provide high-resolution data of the power output of PV systems all over Switzerland as well as historic weather data. Additionally, open data from and can be used

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