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Alternative pathways to net zero

Visualization of energy scenarios


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Final pitch slides

The problem

Currently, results from energy scenarios are presented in research papers or individual webpages. This makes it close to impossible for policy makers to get the full picture and understand the features of the net-zero Switzerland. How can policy-makers take decisions based on model-driven energy scenarios?

Challenge 07-08 slides

Current state

  • many scenarios
  • very detailed information
  • not easy to extract conclusions

The process


  • get a project name
  • get data ready
  • brainstorm solutions
  • divide the work
  • calculate indicators
  • visualise the data
  • develop the tool / dashboard

The goal

Develop a decision-making tool to explore and compare multiple energy scenarios. The tool should visualise for each scenario key indicators and energy sources/carriers.
Target audience
  • policy-makers
Key indicators
  • CO2 emissions
  • Foreign vs domestic
  • Total costs

The Energy Explorer

The overview of different scenarios to compare

Click on a scenario to get the detailed Energy-flow:

Source code

Tool is open source and accessible through GitHub

The team

  • Stephane Bisinger
  • Bill Zollinger
  • Tristan Gollmart
  • Robert Stanton
  • Adriana Marcucci
  • Lea Ruefenacht

Event finished


17.09.2022 13:21 ~ adriana_marcucci


Event started

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