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15_Electricity “Heartbeat” 2035 in the Canton of Zurich

What do changes in the way and in the intensity electricity is consumed mean for our grid?

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What is it about?

Climate change forces us to change the way we are consuming and producing energy. The “Energiestrategie 2050” of the Federal Council aims at reducing the environmental impact of energy, foreseeing an increased decentralized energy production in the coming decades. At the same time, technological developments, i.e. electric cars and heat pumps, change the way and intensity electricity is consumed. But what does all this mean for our grid? What is the future of electricity consumption and production? How does the picture change geographically and with time? Can we better understand these changes through visualization? We think we can!


We want to create geospatial visualizations in order to understand where and when electricity is produced and consumed in the grid region of EKZ. We will provide the data and we are asking for your creativity and ideas in order to create meaningful visualizations that shed a bit more light into the future! Here is a little motivation from similar visualizations for traffic intensity in Manhattan, New York:



We will provide 100% synthetic – but realistic – consumption und production data for 2035 in transformer granularity for most of the transformers in our grid region. The data were generated in the scope of a Master Thesis in cooperation with the Power Systems Laboratory of ETH Zurich. The data is generated based on different assumptions and scenarios of the electricity production and consumption for the Canton of Zurich in 2035


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