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02_Cybersecurity Navigator for Building IoT

A tool to informing about IoT cybersecurity and data protection, to support digitalisation in the building sector.

“Cybersecurity Navigator for Building IoT”

Digitalisation can make a relevant and positive contribution to climate and energy targets in the building sector. To achieve this, the interaction of the individual trades, disciplines and technologies in buildings must be improved. IoT systems are a key technology for achieving the full potential of energy efficiency in buildings. A current hurdle is the low transparency and acceptance of the market towards IoT systems. We assume that transparency in the area of data protection and cyber security can increase acceptance in the market for IoT systems and that this will have a positive impact on energy efficiency in buildings. A preliminary project exists in which students of the HSLU analyse and categorise more than 80 guidelines, standards and guidance documents in the area of data protection and cybersecurity.


We create a cyber security tool! But it goes even further: with a public information security tool, we can provide transparency in the area of cybersecurity and data protection to all interested actors in the building market (investors, planners, manufacturers, managers and tenants), and thus support digitalisation in the building sector. By means of a user-friendly interface, users of the tool could get a list of documents relevant to them based on a selection of criteria.


Collection of relevant documents in the field of data protection and cybersecurity

(1) The preliminary project was developed within the framework of the "Connectivity in buildings" project launched by energie-cluster.ch. The aim of the project is to identify the current challenges of connectivity in buildings (KiG) and to develop possible solutions for optimisation. Demands and expectations regarding the interaction of technical systems with each other, data protection and cyber security as well as the acceptance of users and the interaction between technical systems and users will be discussed jointly with the involvement of all stakeholders.

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