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03_Local Sustainability booster

​​ Which features boost local sustainability? - Impulses and hurdles for sustainable development on municipality level

What is it about?

In order to achieve the goals for the swiss energy strategy we must increase sustainable energy production and consumption. There is already information available for the current status of the expansion of PV, renewable heating and e-mobility. The web tool "Energiereporter" (https://www.energieschweiz.ch/tools/energiereporter/) shows the sustainable development at municipality level. Visitors can look up on the website the development in their municipality in the areas of electric mobility, solar power and renewable heat. We want to find out which are the key influencers of these sustainable indicators at municipality level. It would be a great added value for the municipalities to know which are the most important influencing factors for their sustainable development.


With the complete data set of the Energy Reporter including the sustainability KPI's and other (e.g.socio-demographic, weather, topographic, infrastructure, political and electricity-costs) data on municipality level, the participants could identify the most important influencing factors leading to sustainability. A small machine learning project would be suitable for this analysis. Participants are free to choose the algorithm or statistical method.


csv with all municipalities and indicators of the energy reporter. Csv with all municipalities, attributes on population demographics and electricity prices. In addition, a wide range of municipal data is publicly available. We encourage participants to use opendata.swiss to find interesting data at the municipality level that can explain sustainable development.

This project is a follow up of the challenge proposed at the Energy & Climate Hack. Accordingly, the precise frame of the challenge might be influenced through the results of the teams.

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