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Active projects and challenges as of 22.07.2024 03:42.

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Alternative pathways to net zero

Visualization of energy scenarios


eco-friendliness score


EMF Walks in Brugg

An energetic tour to rediscover the town


E-Mobility Analytics

As the discussion around e-mobility grows help with the transition to an all-electric mobility world is needed.


Energy (Heat Demand) modelling in Sankt Gallen with AI methods

Heat demand modelling and prediction for the buildings of the city of Sankt Gallen with AI methods


Enriching Point Clouds (LiDAR) with Meta Data

In densely populated Switzerland, high-voltage overhead lines are in many cases located in the vicinity of existing buildings.


Graph Neural Network of a Wind Farm

Modelling Wake Interactions within a large windfarm based on a Graph Neural Network.


Mapping of Swiss PV power production in real time


New interface to estimate heat demand in buildings

Development of a novel user interface/user experience for estimating the heat demand in buildings


Optimizing short-term active power losses forecast

Optimizing the forecasting based on the results of these models by designing an optimization algorithm


Regional Energy Information in High Resolution

Collecting, analyzing and visualizing energy policy data from Swiss communities


Smart-Meter CII Interoperability with Smart-Home Systems

Connect ten common smart meters to a data broker, establish a common information schema and develop apps and visualizations


SolarDAO - The Digital Energy Cooperative

Accelerate the energy transition by making investment in renewables more flexible and inclusive.



Gamification of building energy performance with human digital twins

Playing games where people interact and observe their impacts for data-driven modeling of occupant behavior